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Outdoor led

Outdoor LED screen provided by a top LED screen supplier in Dubai,
ADNOC-unique-outdoor-LED-screen-installed by best leading LED screen supplier in Dubai

We are the trusted outdoor LED screen supplier in Dubai, UAE  offer high-quality displays, designed for impactful advertising. Volkanoo displays are built to withstand harsh climates, also display are weatherproof. so they guarantee continued operation in tough weather and temperature conditions. Outdoor LED screens are the perfect solution for outdoor advertising, events, concerts, sports venues, and more.

Outdoor LED screen solution

Outdoor LED screen supplier in Dubai

volkanoo’s outdoor LED screen provides 4k high resolution and brightness, making them easily visible even in bright daylight. LED screens boast weather-resistant features, ensuring their resilience against rain, wind, and other inclement weather. These displays are specifically engineered for outdoor use, rendering them highly suitable for events, concerts, sporting events, and marketing purposes.

why choose outdoor LED screens?

1. High Visibility:

Our outdoor LED screens are designed to deliver high brightness and excellent visibility even in direct sunlight, ensuring that your content stands out. With high visibility, our LED screens will ensure that your message reaches your target audience effectively.

2. weather condition


Universal Cabinet

Environment protection outdoor LED screen

Durable in Outdoor Environment

Outdoor LED screen power saving features

power savings

Thin and light Outdoor LED screen panel

Thin & Light

High- resolution Outdoor LED screen

High Resolution

High definition color outdoor LED screen

High Definition colour