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LED screen maintenance services

Partner with VOLKANOO for Expert LED Screen Maintenance

We give importance to the ongoing maintenance process of the LED screen Dubai. We schedule the periods for maintenance. Whether you have a large outdoor LED billboard or indoor LED video wall, regular maintenance is crucial to ensure a long lifespan and optimal performance. LED screen display maintained by our industry experts engineers, technicians, and designers who have 10+ years of experience in LED technology fields. We suggest that Regular maintenance prevents issues from getting worse, saving you money on costly repairs. Without proper care, issues such as pixel degradation, color mismatch, and reduced brightness can arise.

The following key parts  that are commonly maintained for LED screen modules include

How to Maintain LED Display Screen?

Software updates

To Keep the software of the LED display screen up to date and fix bugs, and introduce new features. You need to regularly check for updates and install them as recommended. To guarantee continued compatibility and functionality, update the display’s operating system according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Cleaning and Dust removal

Our team is equipped with specialized cleaning tools and solutions to remove dirt, dust, and debris. By delicately cleaning every inch of the screen, we ensure that its display quality remains crystal clear and vibrant.

Pixel Testing and Replacement

Dead pixels can significantly impact your LED screen’s image quality. Our experts will detail test each pixel and replace any that are defective.

Temperature and Ventilation

To protect the LED screen components, keep the operating temperature and humidity within the specified range.

Content Management

At the time of maintenance, we completely manage and optimize content perfectly. you need to ensure that the content being displayed is optimized for the screen’s resolution and format to maintain visual clarity and impact.

led screen maintenance tools

LED screen front maintenance
front maintenance tool by
Full front maintenance

full front maintenance

LED module components can be easily accessed and serviced from the front side. maintenance such as pixel changing, screen panel changing, and cleaning, without the need for rear access.

Rear maintenance

LED display Dubai rear maintenance

first free maintenance service

We Promise to Provide First-Free LED Maintenance Services to Our Appreciated Customers. Include only the cost of replacement parts during the maintenance process. This offer is exclusively available to Volkanoo’s new customers. For inquiries about our maintenance services or to schedule a consultation, feel free to contact us at