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LED screen repairing and fitting

led screen supplier in UAE- indoor & outdoor screen

Innovative LED screen solution delivered by trusted supplier in UAE

Volkanoo, with years of experience, is a renowned expert in the UAE LED screen supply industry. We specialize in repairing, servicing, and maintaining all kinds of LED display screens, LED walls, LED sign boards, etc. We provide Cost-effective LED Display repairing and servicing all over the United Arab Emirates and we aim to provide the quality LED services for customers.

Our experienced technicians can provide regular upkeep, thorough cleaning, and technical support to ensure your screens produce amazing visual quality regularly. At the time of repairing and fitting, we face issues like Dead pixels, power issues, connectivity problems, etc. If any problems with LED panels with chip errors or dead pixels we will change to without buying a new one. LED screens are always more expensive than LCD screens. But we are ready to repair the old LED screen without replacing the new one at less cost.

LED screen repaired parts

dead led module repairing

If you detect any problems or unexpected color combinations of lines on the LED module, Our professional LED screen experts may repair the problem without replacing the existing screen.If you face any of them contact now immediately.