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Volkanoo is a leading Indoor & Outdoor LED screen supplier in Dubai, Sharjah & UAE. If you are looking for a high- grade LED display screen in UAE we are here to help you.

Our advanced indoor videowall LED screens are designed for various applications, from promoting businesses to providing entertainment for big events.

 LED screens are supported by industries like shopping malls, airports, retail shops, corporate offices, control rooms, railway stations, etc. for showing important messages through display

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ADNOC project IN uae

 One of Volkanoo’s notable projects took place in Abu Dhabi, where they installed a significant Outdoor LED screen for ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company). ADNOC is a leading energy company in Abu Dhabi, UAE and Volkanoo involvement in their project highlights their competence in handling prestigious assignments. Our team of skilled technicians meticulously installed 2 LED screens one is a 7.36 Square meter p2.5 mm outdoor LED screen in an ADNOC petrol station in ALsorouh other is a p2.9 double side outdoor LED screen for ADNOC service station Totem, Shahama ABUDHABI.

ADNOC outdoor LED screen installed by leading led screen supplier in dubai
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ADNOC Outdoor LED screen

Outdoor led

volkanoo’s outdoor LED screen provides 4k high resolution and brightness, making them easily visible even in bright daylight. LED screens boast weather-resistant features, ensuring their resilience against rain, wind, and other inclement weather. These displays are specifically engineered for outdoor use, rendering them highly suitable for events, concerts, sporting events, and marketing purposes.

Indoor LED screen supplied by Dubai, UAE top LED screen supplier

indoor led screen

Volkanoo Indoor LED panels are perfect for indoor advertising because of their great brightness. They also offer 4K large format LED screens that are perfectly suitable for viewing short distances. Indoor LED screen are mainly installed in retail stores, shopping malls, exhibition-event halls & museums, shop fronts, etc. we customize LED screens for customer requirements. Our small pixel pitches of indoor LED screen in Dubai range from p 1.5, p1.6, p 1.8, p2, p 2.5, p3, p4, p5, p6,p7, etc.

flexible led screen

Flexible LED display screens may be created to bend, roll, fold, or be placed wherever you like. Volkanoo produces immersive visual experiences using both convex and concave panels that seamlessly integrate into their surroundings with a completely configurable sequence of screens to satisfy the exact degree of curve for any display installation. Flexible displays are commonly used in the gaming industry to build curved gaming monitors that provide an extremely visual reality experience. Looking at both corner sides of the LED display, users can attain consistent visual effects.

Innovative and versatile LED display from the leading LED screen supplier in Dubai.
Impressive customized LED screen supplied by the top LED screen supplier in Dubai.

custom led screen

Custom LED screens provide high visibility that can be easily customized to display the exact message or visual effects. The Customized LED screens are installed to the unique style design preferences of the clients. The skills of custom LED screens to capture viewers’ focus and deliver targeted messages. Our custom LED screens are made with high-quality materials so they fulfill unique needs, with options for size, shape, resolution, and functionality. 

transparent led screen

Our Transparent LED screens provide a unique and engaging way to showcase your content while maintaining transparency and visibility.  With high transparency and customizable sizing, our transparent LED screens are the perfect choice for producing eye-catching, memorable presentations.

The ability of Transparent LED screens creates a sense of space and depth by allowing viewers to see through the screen and into the local environment. This provides viewres with a more immersive and engaging experience, which can aid in increasing brand recognition and customer engagement. 

Cutting-edge transparent LED screen provided by the top LED screen supplier in Dubai.
Cutting-edge Large LED screen display from the leading supplier in Dubai.

large led screen

Large LED screens are self-contained displays or assembled into large video walls, providing businesses with a highly visible and attention-grabbing platform for advertising, branding, and communication. Large LED Display has a high color depth, enabling them to show various colors and shades accurately and vibrantly. These LED screens can have high resolution, enabling them to clearly and precisely display detailed pictures and videos. Our pixel pitches of Large LED screen range from p1.5,p1.92,p2,p2.5,p3,p4,p5,p6,p8,p10.

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Display Tpes

Indoor LED screen

  • 320mm*160mm
  • Pixel pitch – P 2.5
  • Remote monitoring


Pixel brand


ADNOC-unique-outdoor-LED-screen-installed by best leading LED screen supplier in Dubai


We installed Outdoor LED screen for ADNOC Auto car wash center at Abu Dhabi, UAE

  • UV against
  • Excellent flatness
  • High brightness
  • Energy efficiency
  • Waterproof and dust proof
  • Remote monitoring


Display Tpes

Weather -proof Outdoor LED screen

Pixel brand



Display Tpes

Large Indoor LED screen

  • High resolution
  • custom content
  • Remote monitoring
  • Wide viewing angle


Pixel brand


High-Quality Indoor LED Screens from Top LED Screen Supplier in UAE

our LED scReens

our product overview

LEd video wall display

At volkanoo, We are your partner for LED video wall displays that way to communicate audience and visualize important messages.

The LED video wall display in Dubai are best for showing gaming results, special offers, updated messaging, and advertisements.

Today gaming sector will choose an LED video wall for presenting the e-sports events and the latest game release.

Because LED panels can display video across great distances and at very acute angles, their value in this information era is invaluable. Here are some of the  most popular uses of LED videowall in Dubai is

Why choose us


Volkanoo has experienced designers, engineers, and technicians to make LED screens work properly. This staff who are passionate about LED display technology.


We understand that every project is unique. We specialize in customizing LED screens to your specific needs, ensuring your vision comes to life in the most remarkable way.

Quality Assurance

Volkanoo wants to maximize the capabilities of this technology and offer creative solutions to improve the viewing experience.


Volkanoo offer the latest developments such as 4k,8k, HDR & extreme quality and interactive displays. We are in the latest LED technology stage and continue to innovating LED displays.


Volkanoo wants to maximize the capabilities of this technology and offer creative solutions to improve the viewing experience.

Service Excellence

Volkanoo dedicated team is full time available at the time of initial consultation to post installation support and repair maintenance time. Our first priority is your satisfaction.


LED screen is a type of display technology that uses light-emitting diodes to produce images, videos, or messages. LED Display technology is supported by industries such as Airports, Restaurants, metro railways, malls, Government and public institutions, sports, and stadiums, Healthcare, education, and training, Hospitality and tourism, and Advertising and marketing. 

The distance between the centres of one pixel and the centres of the subsequent pixel is referred to as pixel pitch. Higher resolution and image quality derive from smaller pixel pitch.

LED screens have high resolution, bright colors, are energy efficient, and have a wide viewing angle. LED Display has best for both indoor and outdoor use, and can display dynamic information.

Yes, LED screens can be customized to fit specific size requirements and can be shaped into various configurations, including curved, concave, and convex screens.

LED screens there are classified into two types namely indoor and outdoor LED screens. Indoor LED screen-installed industries are the shopping mall, retail stores, corporate lobbies, sports arenas, airports, theatres, restaurants, Conference halls, etc.